Massage Descriptions

Tanya Gibson, LMT uses a varity of techniqies in her massage work intended to work most effectivley with you toward your goals for well being. Tanya welcomes your input before during and after your massage so she can work best within your body's needs and tolerances.

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage - Gentle, quiet and relaxing massage. Sheets are used to drape the body and only the body part being worked on is uncovered. Clients undress to their comfort level.


  • Theraputic Massage - Focused on discomfort relief, several sessions may be needed to achive treatment goal, frequent communication between the client and therapist is necessary during the massage session.


  • Sports Massage - Short invigorating massage before sports or exercise and / or stretching after.


  • Myofacial Therapy - Firm, directed pressure is used to work through to the deep connective tissue of the body to relieve soft tissue holding patterns. Very helpful in rehabiliation.